Welcome to the first book
"Aventure with the magical car"

To all grandparents of the world

I wish to share with all of you the joy and satisfaction of being able to carry out this project, totally supported by my wife, sons and grandchildren and inspired by my grandson Fede, who had asked me to work with him using wooden pieces. This idea came a few days before Í turned sixty-seven years old and from there I have started a new path.... I would like to highlight the unconditional support of all collaborators who, with their long experience, have devoted their passion and friendship to putting the best so that this, our project, is a beautiful reality. I feel happy and hopeful to start, with this one, the collection of thematic books dedicated to my grandchildren, trying to leave to all families a legacy and a message of understanding and hope and an indelible memory that will last in time. My thanks to the authorities of the Minister of Education of CABA for the constant support received and the excellent publication in the bulletin of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, making participants to all patrons, friends and collaborators.

My best wishes...

The Grandfather Pablo



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